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Winter Travels

Comfort Zone Classic Rug Navy

We’ve all been there – whether you’re going competing, trail hunting, to a clinic or just to a friend’s, travelling on a winter’s day is never easy. Cool mornings and bright sunshine can leave you with a lorry full of rugs ‘just in case’ the weather turns!
Whilst we can’t provide a solution for the ever-changing British weather, we can provide a rug that will tick a few boxes when you’re out on a winter’s day.

If your horse will be standing outside the trailer or lorry on a cold day, it’s always a good idea to bring a turnout rug to protect against any unexpected rain and wind – and it can come in handy for you, too! To save on space, using a lightweight turnout with a fleece rug underneath is a simple, effective way of keeping your horse comfortable.

For winter trips out, we recommend using the Comfort Zone Classic Rug, which is available in Small, Medium, Large and X Large. This popular rug is made with a dual fleece layers. which work to keep your horse warm whilst allowing wicking. The fleece is made up of a Sherpa fleece, which creates a gap between the horse and the outer Polar fleece. The warming Sherpa fleece traps the natural body heat, and the gaps between the fleece allow the accumulated heat to pass through, drying the horse and permitting moisture transfer from the horse to the outside of the rug, which is then evaporated. This makes the rug incredibly useful, not only as a warming layer, but as a warming and wicking rug that is perfect for use after hard work, hosing down, or bathing. It helps to warm and dry your horse, preventing them from catching a chill. The rug is also ideal for travelling, meaning there’s one less rug to think about!

It’s easy to just think about our horses when we’re out, but it’s important not to neglect ourselves, either. Make sure you have enough food and drink to keep you going, and remember – layers are key to staying warm! It’s easier to stay warm (and stop yourself from getting too hot!) with layers you can add or take off, rather than a couple of bulky layers. Base layers are thin, stretchy and great for trapping heat.
Another thing to add is a flask – equestrians often run on coffee (late nights, early mornings… you know the drill!) so you’ve probably got a flash stashed away somewhere. Fill it with hot water to make yourself a drink, or use it to warm up your horse’s drinking water to make it more tempting.

There’s so many things to consider when travelling with our horses, but by carefully planning and selecting equipment in advance, you can make the day easier and more enjoyable – for you and your horse!

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