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Keeping Cool with Comfort Zone

Summer is certainly here – and with it brings its own set of challenges! From flies to hard ground, from hydration to energy, many horse owners secretly wish the summer away. But, with some helpful tips, you can make the summer work for you.

You may think of Comfort Zone and immediately think of our luxuriously thick, warm fleece rugs. Although these rugs are a brilliant addition to your horse’s winter wardrobe, when the sun comes out then horse owners are often looking for something a little lighter.

That’s why we developed our Spring/Summer rugs, the Comfort Zone Cooler Rug and the Comfort Zone Airoflow Rug. Both of these rugs have been developed with the use of light, mesh fabrics which makes them perfect for the warmer weather. The rugs can be used as travel rugs, show rugs and cooler rugs – there’s no need to buy multiple rugs, because Comfort Zone does it all!

For the warm weather we’re having right now, why not consider the Comfort Zone Airoflow Rug? We’ve designed this rug with our specially selected, lightweight mesh fabric, which encourages air to flow around your horse. Not only is the material lightweight; it offers compressive qualities too, which makes it a great travel rug. The Airoflow Rug is successful in keeping dust off your horse too, so it’s a great, smart alternative to a traditional fleece rug.

The Comfort Zone Cooler Rug is another great option for the warmer months. Uniquely, this rug features our fleece to the top of the rug, sitting over the back muscles to help keep them warm. The mesh side panels work in the same way as the Airoflow rug, allowing air to flow around the horse’s body. Again, this rug can be used as a wicking rug, travel rug and a show rug, saving you much needed space in the lorry!

Once you’ve picked out the perfect rug for your horse, it’s time to think about other ways to keep them comfortable. Water is the most important component in keeping your horse happy – make sure you always offer a fresh, inviting drinking source whether you’re at home or competing. If you are competing, or after riding your horse in warm weather, be sure to hose or sponge your horse down after work.

If you’re out competing, try and find a shady place to park your trailer or lorry, so it doesn’t get too hot during the day. The same goes for warming up; even if you can’t compete in the shade, try and warm up in the shade to help keep your horse comfortable.

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