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Travelling With Protection – The Comfort Zone Travel Transit Rug

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Whether you’re off out competing, training or just meeting some friends, it can be worrying travelling your equine companion for fear they may rub or bang themselves in the horsebox. This can leave us feeling ‘stuck at home’ with your beloved friend.

Here at Comfort Zone Equestrian, we have created a rug that ticks all the boxes for travelling your horse. The Transit Travel Rug has been carefully designed to offer enhanced protection to the shoulders, hips and tail in a lightweight, breathable rug. To save on space in the lorry, it can also be used as a cooler rug post exercise while you’re out and about.

For trips out in the horsebox, we recommend the Comfort Zone Transit Travel Rug for all horses, particularly those that lean on the partitions for support while travelling. Available in Small, Medium, Large and X Large to suit all shapes and sizes. The must have travel rug is made from a technical fabric 3D spacer mesh. Spacer fabric uses a microfilament yarn between two fabrics which creates a breathable “microclimate” between the layers making heat and vapour easy to pass through & has naturally ventilating properties.- perfect for a warm summers day! With re-enforced foam panels at the shoulders, hip and tail to give added protection the areas that need it most. With three colour choices, you can match the travel rug to the rest of your gear. We also recommend using Travel Boots and a Tail Guard while travelling.

It’s easy to worry about your horse when you’re planning a trip out this summer however here at Comfort Zone Equestrian, we’ve got you covered. Leaving you more time to organise the fun activities you want to get up to and giving you the more enjoyable day everybody hopes for. Don’t forget to tag us in your adventures on social media!

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